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To treat the underlying causes of your ailments we use a combination of active and passive treatments. Through this you are empowered to train independently.

You may utilise our services without a prescription. Certain regulations and prices apply.


This is prescribed without limitation for the treatment of hard and sore muscles, joint stiffness, general pain, as well as Osteoarthritis, contusions and conditions after surgery.

Though usually done without equipment sometimes fascia rolls, rubber bands, swiss balls and the like may be used.


This approach to treatment is used to determine and treat functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Its foundation lies on special manoeuvres and mobilisations done by hand.

It is commonly used after injuries and/or post surgery.

Examples would be Dislocations, lowered range of motion, impingement conditions, supination trauma, conditions of the spine, implantion of artificial joints, ACL-Implants and so forth.


An active treatment option were equipment is used most of the time. To enhance strength, agility as well as general coordination is its purpose. Usually prescribed for rehabilitation after surgery, fractures and/or joint trauma it is also applied for prevention of joint attrition, back injury as well as treatment of chronic pain syndromes.


You may have it all.

Medical or sports taping is commonly used to stabilise joints, usually after supination trauma, hard strains of the muscle or contusions.

Elastic tapes are used were sports tapes would be too much. They are available in lots of colours; Ours is a world of all colours.


An adjuvant treatment to facilitate tissue relaxation, blood flow and that certain spa feeling.


Also being an adjuvant, it is used as a treatment against swelling, quick pain relief or chilling drinks and temper.


Prescribed when loss of motor function, paraesthesia and other neurological ailments are to be treated. A fringe use is to deliver drugs through the skin into deeper tissues via galvanic currents.


Some call it Performance Diagnostics. We think that to be too technical. Thus we rather look into where you and your body are right now to ascertain if there is a higher risk of afflictions or injury. During review we will determine your improvements through different parameters, so that you may have an objective overview of your progress.

Simulating Everyday Life

Using free weights, Pulleys and body weight we achieve a self efficacious training.
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