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Friendly reminder

If you are experiencing any symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19 including fever, cough and shortness of breath among others then stay home, please!

This applies to other symptoms and infectious diseases as well.

Stay safe and healthy!

Private Practice for Physiotherapy

We provide you with a wide range of support and possibilities of the physiotherapeutic spectrum.

A whole lot of physical ailments that are common these days may be attributed to too much, too little or simply wrong stresses and strains.

It is our approach to supply you with education, sensible and useful training stimuli as well as support you through passive physiotherapeutic measures.

Our Services:

  • Krankengymnastik (KG)
  • Manual Therapy (MT)
  • KG with Equipment (KGG)
  • Tapes and Bandages
  • Compression
  • Heat (WÄ)
  • Cold (EIS)
  • Electro Therapy (EL)
  • Performance Measurement, Risk Assessment

How do we do it?

Getting acquainted

You visit us and we listen.

Through a proper anamnesis we shall lay the ground work for your further therapy together.

Thus we can focus on you and not just the diagnosis.


Experience your body on our green training grounds. We are always at your side.

If expedient we also use passive measures to further enhance your progress.


Knowledge is quality of living.

It is our goal to enable you to trust your body again thus giving you more confidence, to achieve a better sense of self.


Final Session

What have you achieved and where can you go further?

Would it be prudent to take a little break from us?

Together we will discuss these and more questions to enable you to be self-sufficient and successfully work for your health.

Empowering you:

On our training grounds you shall be surprised how unproblematic a work out can be despite your symptoms.
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