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Ailments are free. Your health is priceless. With our treatment options you will be enabled to stride towards wellbeing and capability.


We think that 60 minutes are the ideal duration for a therapy session.
Sadly this is dependent on the physiotherapeutical measures prescribed by your physician.
Please feel free to ask us about the details!

We usually bill you after finishing your prescription.
Reimbursement is only possible for those with private insurance as well as german civil servants with Beihilfe. Please check your insurance policy about your reimbursement rates.
Of course we welcome those with public insurance as well. Please call us so we may work on an individual solution.


Subject to change. as of 24.08.2022

Private insurance
We quote 1.1 of the VdeK-Rates

German civil servants with Beihilfe
We quote the Bundesbeihilfesatz

Direct payers
100,- € for 60 minutes. Discounts are given when appointments are booked in bulk.

Talk to us
030 28429237
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8:00 - 18:00 Uhr